Board of Directors

Hannah Franklin

Board President


Yvette Pinkham

Board Vice President

(Southern Cheyenne)

Dallas Pinkham

Board Secretary



Martha Brice

Board Treasurer

(Adopted Tglingit)

Jeff Barehand Red Eagle Soaring Board President

Jeff Barehand

Board Member

(Gila River/Navajo)

Meghan Jernigan

Board Member


Danson Coin

Board Member


Our Programs


Red Eagle Soaring's Board of Directors and Executive Director carefully plan and organize year round programming which includes:

  • a touring Spring Play

  • summer theatre workshops

  • a two-week summer camp ie. SIYAP

  • fall performance workshops focused on traditional music and storytelling

  • digital storytelling

SIYAP is Red Eagle Soaring's 2-week intensive summer drama program.

Help us carry out our unique programming!
All proceeds are tax deductible.
Thank you!

Lacey Stevenson Warrior

Board Member, Dena’ina, Aaniiih (Gros Ventre)

James Lovell

Board Member

(Turtle Mountain Chippewa)

Ariel Bradler

Board Member